Wednesday, February 8, 2017

  January is my time for making art.   My life slows down for the next couple of months and I have fewer distractions ... gardening, running around all over the place and the weather makes me want to stay indoors and cozy up.
The end of December I pulled out my little calendar and wrote a weekly project I would complete.  Horse was the 1st and I started January 1st .... 7 days I planned my start and finish.  HA 
Today is Feb. 8th not yet done.  AND  Not going to be a Horse (thought I would create the winged Pegasus)'s going to be a Horse Head....having trouble with the mounting of it since the head protrudes and is weighty.  Thought I'd mount it on my banana hook stand but that idea isn't working out very well.  
Anyway, here's my work in progress..... 1st is my clay sculpture, 2nd is my latest redo, 3rd is the original paper mache (I've been tearing apart and putting back together, 4th is a shot of the interior which is hollow for lighter weight....I don't sculpt little things...and I got this idea from Jonni Good's "How To Make Masks" book.