Friday, June 3, 2011

In the Works

I've been working on a couple of projects for the last year and have decided IT IS TIME to  finish them.

I'll post work in progress pics...after I get over being disgusted.  And frustrated.

My mermaid was almost ready for paint.   Then I sprayed her with KRYLON to seal and prime in two easy steps.  Big mistake.  NOTE:  do not use KRYLON on paper mache ever again!

So I spent the day sanding my almost ready to paint lady and started the mache process again.  Tossing my mistakes is a big NO NO.  Days, months, even a year can be invested, so if there is a way to salvage my work I am going to find it.

I've been compiling a list of affirmations lately:

2.  JUST DO IT (great one Nike!)
 3.  and now my newest one:  Get Over It!


Maggie said...

4. Never throw it away! I recently made a leprechaun from rejected parts from four projects.

I haven't used krylon primer. I do use krylon clear acrylic to seal the finished piece though.

Sharon M. said...

Thank you for sharing that with me. I'll look for the Krylon clear acrylic. I would love to find a product to replace multiple coats of varnish. The hardening time with the multi varnish method is a couple of weeks and is fine for some of my work, but not all.